What is your go-to activity after work, on the weekend, on vacation, or just whenever there’s a spare moment? What helps to inspire you?

I truly believe that connecting to nature is a great source of inspiration and can only improve our daily enjoyment and satisfaction in life. I try to get outside and be active as often as possible. The designs represent these times and experiences and when I wear one of them I picture myself on a summit (Hike the AT) or on the slopes on a cold, perfect winter day (Typical Work Week) or feel that surge of adrenaline and energy (Rock On) when climbing.   I sincerely hope you come to see these items as more than apparel, but representing a genuine thankfulness for all we have around us and inspiration for living life.

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Below are people’s experiences and a picture or two to help bring the story to life. These are people’s What Could Be Betters? that they have shared – activities that they love. We encourage you to do the same because not only do we want to hear your stories and share in their energy, but the first of every month we’ll select a story and accompanying picture(s) to display on the website and the @wcbboutdoors Instagram page for all WCBB? fans to see.