Your WCBB?

Be Present and In the Moment

Laura F.

My What Could Be Better? is found in climbing, trail running, yoga and distance running – these activities represent a challenge, a way to interact with nature, a way to quiet my mind and find focus.  And most of all these activities are a way for me to Be Present and In the Moment. Whether it’s thinking through a climbing route and challenging myself on the wall, running through the trees and around the roots and rocks of a trail, or the pure quiet and self-reflection that I find in my daily Yoga practice, I find a sense of renewal and inward thinking that helps to bring balance in my life. I find that I can take the lessons I learn in these outdoor and physical activities and apply them to my personal and professional life. These lessons give me tools with which I can face challenges, and because I’m able to continuously work through them and make myself a better version of myself, I gain confidence and strength of mind and body. Additionally, because of these activities, I’ve also had the chance to interact with and meet many inspiring and wonderful people. I have come to understand myself better and grow as an individual.